March 28, 2014
Calle Ocho Wrap 500px
Kids at the Winn-Dixie Family Zone gear up for a fun-filled cup stacking contest as hundreds of spectators cheer them on.​

Winn-Dixie joined forces with Kraft Foods to present thousands of festival-goers with an afternoon of fun at the Winn-Dixie Family Zone during Calle Ocho, the largest Hispanic street festival in the United States.

Winn-Dixie has been celebrating the essence of South Florida’s Hispanic culture and community for more than 30 years as part of the Carnaval Miami event series, providing food and entertainment for families to enjoy.

Associates from Miami, Fla. stores represented Winn-Dixie during the event, greeting festival attendees who enjoyed a variety of entertaining booths, including a prize wheel, bounces house, rock-wall climbing, a coloring station and more. Plus, Family Zone visitors were treated to Winn-Dixie and Kraft sampling stations, where they enjoyed sugar cookies, chips and salsa and cubanito sandwiches.

Mix 98.3 FM’s Liliani Gonzalez served as the emcee for the afternoon, hyping the crowd with family-friendlygames, dance-offs and shout outs. Attendees were also treated to special appearances by Kool-Aid Man, Oreo Man, Sour Patch Man and the Planter’s Mr. Peanut. Later, the vibrant and whimsical Chef Pepin welcomed attendees young and old on stage as he prepared a thirst quenching Tanguila Sunrise and a sweet JELL-O Fruit and Cookie Dream parfait.

For the second year, Winn-Dixie celebrated event goers’ Calle Ocho experience in cyberspace with the Winn-Dixie photo booth. Hundreds of Family Zone visitors shared their snapshots as they were simultaneously uploaded onto the Winn-Dixie Latino Facebook page for friends and family to enjoy.

A collection of photos from the 2014 Winn-Dixie Family Zone at Calle Ocho follow.

Calle Ocho Wrap Inset 1.jpg
Stilt walkers welcome a crowd of Calle Ocho attendees at the Winn-Dixie Family Zone.

Calle Ocho Wrap Inset 2.jpg
Thousands of Family Zone visitors spun the Winn-Dixie prize wheel throughout the afternoon, winning bags, hats, gift cards and more.

Calle Ocho Wrap Inset 3.jpg
Family Zone emcee Mix 98.3 FM’s Liliani Gonzalez, Chef Pepin and the Kool-Aid Man.

Calle Ocho Wrap Inset 4.jpg
Young Family Zone visitors compete in a friendly hula hoop contest with help from Liliani Gonzalez and the Kool-Aid Man.

Calle Ocho Wrap Inset 5.jpg
Thousands of South Florida residents visited the Winn-Dixie Family Zone at Calle Ocho.

Calle Ocho Wrap Inset 6.jpg
Many event goers tested their rock climbing skills throughout the afternoon at the Winn-Dixie Family Zone.

Calle Ocho Wrap Inset 7.jpg
The Oreo Man joins emcee Liliani Gonzalez on stage as families prepare for an Oreo stacking contest at the Winn-Dixie Family Zone.

Calle Ocho Wrap Inset 8.jpg
Family Zone attendees of all ages get in on the action with a fun game on stage.

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