February 13, 2015
​Winn-Dixie store No. 358 Store Director Kenny Lowe and GLEE volunteers hand out reusable grocery bags during the “Got Your Bags?” event.

Winn-Dixie store No. 358 Store Director Kenny Lowe has been building substantial relationships in Big Pine Key, Florida since taking the helm of the store in 2013. Recently, Lowe has earned praise from many residents for teaming up with Green Living & Energy Education (GLEE) on their “Got Your Bags?” sustainability program to reduce marine debris and litter.

With 14 years’ experience as a store director at Winn-Dixie and BI-LO stores, Lowe has supported several meaningful programs in many culturally diverse communities, including the Carolinas and the Florida Panhandle. Now based in the environmentally conscious Florida Keys, Lowe was approached by GLEE to help promote the reduction and voluntary elimination of single-use plastic bags. Lowe collaborated with the organization to hold an event at his store for GLEE volunteers to share sustainability information with customers, as well as distribute Winn-Dixie reusable bags.

“It’s extremely rewarding to represent Winn-Dixie and have neighbors, customers and community leaders share their gratitude for our support of initiatives that are close to their hearts,” said Lowe. “Our island is home to a national wildlife refuge and a marine sanctuary and we are honored to join GLEE to make sure that Big Pine Key stays beautiful for future generations to enjoy.”

Throughout the event, GLEE volunteers distributed 500 Winn-Dixie reusable bags, while customers who felt inspired by the store’s collaboration purchased another 500 bags.

GLEE Treasurer Shirley Gun was thrilled to have Lowe take a hands-on role in the event.

“Our ‘Got Your Bags?’ event with Winn-Dixie was by far our most successful and we could not have done it without Kenny’s support,” she said. “GLEE is proud to work with Winn-Dixie to help keep the Florida Keys pristine for residents, visitors and the natural wildlife that makes our paradise so special.”

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