June 23, 2015
Maddie Taylor 500px
Maddie Taylor and students from Pelzer Elementary School show off their cupcake creations. Photo courtesy of the Powdersville Post. ​

Parents and BI-LO bakery associates know one of the things children enjoy most is a sugary treat. Add the tools, tips and creative freedom to let them create their own confectionary masterpiece, and you have officially won them over.

This has been witnessed firsthand by Maddie Taylor and the bakery team at store No. 5256 in Pelzer, South Carolina. For years, the team has been visiting area elementary schools to share insights about their careers within the bakery department at BI-LO. In addition to outlining their daily tasks as bakery associates, they demonstrate their cake-decorating skills and let each student decorate a cupcake of their own.

Recently, Maddie and the store’s lead cake decorator Stacy Dimmock visited an afterschool program where they spent the afternoon with more than 50 elementary school students from Pelzer Elementary School. They brought along with them disposable bags filled with icing and demonstrated ways to experiment using different colors and how to create boarders, flowers and other unique shapes.

“It’s always entertaining to watch the kids come up with their own designs, or ask us how to make everything from a rose to Spiderman,” said Maddie. “I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by the decorating creativity these kids have. Some of them definitely have the potential to hold a future position in our bakery.”

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